Look of the Week #20 {Powder Hues}


Hi everyone! Pastel shades are so sweet and cute, even for summer season. Especially the tones of baby blue, nude and off white are ideal for a fresh everyday outfit. More specifically, a pair of ripped white trousers, a shopper, nude  sandals and a linen light blue shirt are ideal for casual stylish looks. Nails, lips and eyes in nude and pastel hues are able to elevate the whole outfit and compliment any girl. Hope you like it!


Light and Airy...

Hi everyone! What do you think about culottes? To be honest, when I first saw them I wasn't that tempted... But then, I started to appreciate their fitting, their structure and most importantly their comfort. Here I chose crisp white culottes, which I paired with white crop top, nude heels and gold accessories. Hope you like this light and carefree look!



Hi everyone! If you follow this blog frequently, you might have seen that we use green shades in a lot of our posts. Dark green, mint green, olive are some of our favourite hues. So today, I decided to create a dynamic look, using pieces in olive green. This look is inspired from the simple structure and color of the army garments, meaning a simple shirt and trousers. Yet, I added few red hints, to offer a subtile femininity to the look, like red lipstick and red heels. And you do you like army chic looks?


Look of the Week #19 {WOW}


Hello there! as you can guess from the title, this is a look for the self-confident and bold women out there! A tribal skirt, a statement necklace and gladiators flats, all together lead to trendy, modern look with an edgy twist. But, to not exceed the limits, we kept the look in black and white (and gray). And you, do you like to make a statement with a bold provocative outfit?


Sushi Time!

Hi everyone! as you might have seen lately, we make several posts about food, recipes, restaurants... In few days we are about to create a new part in this blog, containing all these goodies, so don't forget to keep in touch!  For the post now, the last Friday we visited one of the best places for sushi, sashimi and other Japanese flavors, called ''Sushi Bar''. Well, everything was great! Even



Hey there! As summer is finally here, I can't express my joy in words! So, I decided to make a lively post, showing how much I love this time of the year. There are so many beautiful things about summer: vibrant clothes, lighter accessories, sun, sea, carefree spirit, love and happiness... With this post I tried to express all these joyful feelings. More specifically, I created a total white lace outfit with crop, skirt and a fringed kimono. I let my hair down and I enjoyed the summer breeze. But I think these heels gave breath to this look, with their vibrant blue color. Hope you like it!


#6 {Lace-up Swimsuits}

Hi there! This week, we focus on the beachwear! As summer is getting closer and closer, there's nothing better than preparing for travel... Sandy beaches, clear waters, sunny skies... So, the trend we love lately is lace-up swimsuits. Here, we chose the black color, since its classic and perfect for any skin type. The lace details, their structure an their transparency offer a provocative and sensual twist to the typical beachwear. And you, which do you like the most from the above?


Elegance made in Gold

Hello there! Today, our post is dedicated to divine gold. I think metallic elements have the power to transform and elevate any look! Here, paired with camel crop and skirt they lead to an ultra elegant look. The majestic Greek temple, the gold details and the sacredness of the place augment the power of this outfit. Hope you like it!


Look of the Week #18 {formal&classic}


 Lately, every outfit containing culottes becomes my favourite outfit! So this week, I created a super classy culottes look, for every girl out there that wants to look beautiful and respectful in the same time. Pants, heels and bag, all of them in earthly hues, while a simple white crop and gold accessories offer this special touch to this look. The ideal perfume for this look is ''J' adore'', since its simple, elegant and classic. Have a nice day everyone!


Morning Joy

Hello! Do you remember in our previous food posts how we stated that we love rich breakfasts with friends? Well now brunching in weekends with friends has become our new tradition! I don't know exactly why, but we love preparing rich dishes and colourful plates, containing all the goodies out there! Here, the ''statement plate'' is without doubt the pineapple salad. Of course, curbs could not be absent, so we added mini croissants, ricecakes and muffins. We finished this glorious I could say meal with berries, banana and strawberry smoothies and mint tea! Kisses!


Like a Dream within a Dream...

Hi everyone! Lately, as the weather gets better and better so our affection towards the red hues grows stronger. In this beautiful classic Greek background nothing could be better than a red pleated dress and gold accessories. This pleated Nelly dress, windy and aetherial in the same time, remins me of a dream...Kisses!


Look of the Week #17 {Easy}


Ideal for long walks in the park or errand in the city, this look comports the essential and most comfortable pieces of the season. A simple tank top, comfy boyfriend jeans and a shopper bag create a simple but stylish and urban look. Of course, details like layered rings and aviator sunnies elevate instantly this everyday look! Hope you like it!


Little Pleasures...

Hello my friends! How are you lately? This post represents the little insignificant things that make us smile! Like a morning walk, a meeting with friends , fine jewelry...Here, I chose my Mark Maddox watch and a different statement ring. As for the outfit, a LBD, pastel hues and heels are definitely little pleasures. Kisses!


Luxury in my Plate

Hello there! What is the best thing about weekend? Well for us is all about luxurious breakfasts, with everything we love. This Saturday morning is devoted to the refreshing and delicious fruits! So we prepared a plate with are favourite berry/strawberry cravings and we used oranges and lemons as well. We also added cute mini croissants and for the right amount of protein, we added poached eggs, cheese and the always welcome avocado. To make something different we also created a small humus plate, for an exotic touch! Breakfast like this are super nutritious, tasty and they make our day for sure! Kisses!


#5 {Neon Pumps}

Untitled #46
Hi everyone! This week's trend is about the vivid neon pumps. They are colourful, vibrant and charming. Colours like fuschia, royal blue and bright red are perfect for this season, since they combine the beauty of spring and the fun of summer! I think that the best way to wear them is with black and white outfits, or neutral garments or even denim. For special occasions, you could also create a colorblock look, but pay attention first to the combination of colours. Hope we inspired you!

                                                                                                       Love, Eva & Eliza


The Perfect Jumpsuit

Hello my friends! Here is a look devoted to jumpsuits! What I love about them is their structure and their ability to make a simple look instantly effortlessly stylish. In this post I paired this pretty camel jumpsuit with black details and gold accents. In case you haven't noticed I tend to use these Asos sunnies in pretty much everything. Their cut-eye shape offer a chic and trendy touch in any outfit. Kisses!


Crossbody Bag GIVEAWAY

Hello everyone! Here are some awesome news! Since we love bags and fashion in general we decided to organise a giveaway on our blog and more specifically in our facebook page. This beautiful croco orange bag is perfect for spring and of course the summer that's closer than ever. In this pictures we paired it with feminine red shoes and sparkling details. If you like this bag as much as we do, don't forget to participate in the competition. Kisses!



Hello! How was your weekend? I decided to begin this week, wearing a mix n' match outfit, with a hint of color and mixed patterns. There is something about the length and the blocks in this skirt that drawn my attention. So I paired it with white pieces and just a hint of neon yellow. I finished the look with my beloved cut-eye sunnies and red lips. And you, do you like mixing different and statement pieces in one look?


Look of the week #17 {Subtile Feminity}


Hello! For this week, we picked all the femine lightcolored sweet things out there and we hope we created an ultra romantic look, perfect for this season. Off white lace, combined with nude skirt and bag, gladiators and cut-eye sunnies... In neutral looks, the best way to elevate the style is adding fine jewelry. Here I chose a gold arm cuff and shiny nail polish. I think this outfit represents the beauty of tranquility and is perfect for family gatherings or walks with dear friends. Hope you like it!