Lemon Garden

Hello everyone! As you can guess from the title, the previous week I was in one of the most beautiful and cute gardens, with tall lemon trees and white blossoms. In this peaceful environment, I had no choice but to create a romantic ,girly, fresh look using white and lace. I paired a white lace top with a


In the Countryside...

Hello! As you can see from the pics, this post is about food!  The white pieces and the little lilac details remind me of the countryside, where families used to take their breakfast admiring the beautiful view from the nature and the wildlife...So, in our rustic breakfast we chose poached eggs,


The Crop Top #9

Untitled #63

Hello everyone! Here is a little weekend inspiration , with one of the most useful and delightful pieces: crop top. They are so easy to pair with pants, skirts, shorts....and they always make our figure



Hello there! How are you today? This post represents for me the elegant but fresh side of style. These vivid colors, mint and white and the smooth textures of the garments, are perfect for special


Spice it Up

Hello there! I think lately we love too much these food posts... Either cozy at home or at a nice restaurant, quality food and good friends can instantly make my day! So this time, Eva and I, visited a


Look of the Week #26 (Suede Story)


Hey my friends! How is summer so far? Did you plan any trip or holidays? If you don't know what to wear for vacation, this post will help a lot (we hope at least). The main material of this outfit is suede,


Exotic Elegance

Hi there! Here is a look under the shades of the beautiful palm trees... I chose a black wrap top, black heels and a faded blue bag. But the highlight of this post is the grey lace skirt. I think it works great



Hi everyone! Let's start the week with a romantic white outfit, with some black details. I paired a little white dress with a white knit vest and a narrow belt. I added gladiator sandals and silver tattoos.


Look of the Week #25 (Holiday Romance)


Hello there! In this look lace makes the difference and offers a romantic hippie tone to the outfit. A crop and a skirt in white lace are great paired with denim, croco and straw accessories. A hat and a



Hi everyone! This is a carefree casual look, I love to wear while I'm on the beach. It 's all about a loose top and denim shorts. To be honest, lately I love temporary tattoos, especially in gold hues. I


Young and Free

Hello everyone! Here I gathered all the things I love to wear, like ripped jeans, strappy heels and sunnies. These pieces make me happy and to be honest full of confidence. I decided to add a simple white top and a white knit vest, to add a more carefree and playful tone to my look! I think an


Look of the week #24 (Beach Stroll)


Hello everyone! Now that's a look for casual but always stylish strolls! Here the center piece is cotton striped dress, perfect for long walks in the beach or in the countryside. Simple but edgy


From the heart...

Hi everyone! This post reminds me of beautiful memories from the weekend. I' m a godmother of two amazing children, a boy and a girl. This weekend they visited me and they brought me flowers! Here you can see everything I prepared for our meeting. Yogurt with honey and fruit, humus, sandwiches and a big fruit tart. They especially loved this sweet tart. It was a beautiful weekend


Nautical Breeze

Hello everyone! Here is a look I made a long time ago, that I really liked. I opted for a navy style pairing a striped shirt with a black lace skirt and simple wedges and I added my sunnies, my croco