Walking by the Port

Hello everyone! Here are some pics from my walk to the port of Aegina. Its about a pretty traditional island with little boats and fishnets. So I created an outfit, casual yet stylish, with lace up platforms,


Postcards from Hydra

Hello there! This post is dedicated to one of the most beautiful islands out there: Hydra! We spent two days there, so hold great memories. The main beach of the island was truly beautiful even though  there were rocks everywhere, while the architecture was traditional and really pretty. We enjoyed


Body Suit #8

Hello my friends! This post happens to be one of my favourites, because is about bodies. I love their adapt to my body, their texture and and their ability to make any outfit classic and well balanced.


InstaInspiration {Summer 2015}

Hello everyone! Lately on Instagram, all you will find is about islands, sea, lace, gold chunky jewelry and happiness, in one word: summer. In this post we selected the most beautiful images from our


Look of the Week #23 {Summer Elegance}


Hello there! This week, we decided to create a look appropriate for formal meetings in between hot summer days or for dinners and gatherings in beautiful restaurants. So the key piece in this outfit is


Blooms on my Dress

Hello my friends! Here is another outfit I wore while I was in Hydra. In this white background with these pretty pink blooms, I wanted to wear something appropriate and sweet yet outstanding. So I chose a black maxi dress with a cute floral pattern. I matched the outfit with my favourite sunnies, a


Fruit, Pancakes and Happiness

Hello! How was your week? We still have memories from our trip in Aegean sea... But here, this is a post dedicated to all the pancake lovers! We made pancakes with feta cheese, bowls with berry


Metallic heels #7

Hello everyone! This week we present a trend for elegant summer looks, prefect for a date, or dinner with friends or for a special event. Heels in metallic shades, like gold, silver and copper, can give


Summer Inspired


Hello! I humbly have to admit that I couldn't be more proud about this post! I tried to include all the pretty and essential things for a summer trip, from beachwear to beauty products and accessories. Crops, shorts and kimonos are more than necessary during the hot days of summer, while a hat, a sunscreen and a pair of sunnies are able to protect and beautify our skin and hair. Lastly, sandals, straw bags and temporary tattoos can give a more boho and carefree twist to our summer outfits! Is there anything else you would like to include in this list? Please, let us know!


Laid-back in Poros

Hi everyone! In Poros everything was great! one thing I noticed was the deep connection of these islands with their navy war history. I noticed anchors and cannons everywhere, so I took pictures next to one old anchor we found during our tour to the island. I chose to play with safari style, meaning


Instant Bliss...

Hello again! How are you today? As you may have seen we started to really love this new category on our blog! So, here is another version of brunch, containing all these yammy treats. Pancakes with chocolate syrup, scrabbled eggs and yogurt with fruits and oat... Speaking of all these goodies, I've been wondering, which are your favourite snacks and treats? Let us know!


Look of the Week #22 {Boho Vibe}


Hello... In creating this post there was only one picture in my mind, an exotic beach with golden sand and crystal waters, pina colada and less problems in my mind... So, here we created a fun, comfy boho look, with a white mini dress, leather sandals, sunnies and a light perfume... Also, these gold



Hello there! Today I created a look mixing classic pieces with elegant colours and using  a beautiful aristocratic background. I paired a black jumpsuit with black pumps and a colorblock clutch. For the accessories, I chose only the essentials, meaning my watch and my sunnies. To be honest, I'd love to live in this amazing estate and strolling around the beautiful streets of Acropolis, with the classic architecture and the natural details. Hope you like it!


Dare to Dream with Odette Ancel

Hello  everyone! Today we are glad to present you dreamy pieces of a new swimwear brand called Odette Ancel. This collection is all about fairy tales, elf beauty, wild nature and magic...  As you can see from the pics the swimwear has edgy cuts and different textures and layers, while the beachwear is also modern with a romantic twist. To be honest, the colors of these pieces bring back memories


Free Spirit

Hello everyone! This post shows that a white lace dress, a pair of leather sandals and gold earrings can lead to a beautiful and carefree beach look! Sometimes, comfy pieces like sandals, loose dresses or shorts may lead to a charming sweet outfit. Of course, the idyllic background of this beautiful sea shore makes the outfit more pretty and aetherial. Hope you like it!


Look of the week #21 {Shape Up}


Hello everyone! I know you don't see frequently sporty looks in this blog (truth is we really love heels, anything elegant, tight and a little uncomfortable), but we promise to start get more active and sporty! So for a start, here is a  pretty and colourful sporty outfit, perfect for a long run or a visit to the gym. Black x Neon Pink is a classic sporty combination, appropriate for every girl out there! All we need is a pair of leggings, a simple top, sneekers and  music to keep our body and mind in rythm! Kisses!



Hello my friends! I don't know about you, but I always remembered a phrase from my childhood:''Eat your greens!'' So, in this post we combined all these green fruits and vegetables we used to hate when we were kids, and we tried to create healthy and most importantly tasteful plates. So, our main ingredients are avocados, green apples, lemons, spinach and mint. We also added wholegrain bread, chocolate cookies, eggs, yogurt, berries and other tropical fruits. What do you think of this different version of greens?


Decor Details


Hi my friend! This post is about home decoration and more specifically about these subtle details that give a different and unique touch to our home. So, to be honest, lately I'm a little obsessed with metal pieces, like golden bowls, copper cups, clocks and many more things... Also I love a mixture of exotic- colonial accents, like big tropical plants, lace and linen textures and scented candles. But I think the ideal canvas for all these elements is the white. White walls, white floors, white seets, marble surfaces...And you, what is your latest decor obsession?


Style and the City

Hi everyone! Form me, today's post is the epitomy of modern street style. Red, black and white, all together, in different shapes, textures and motives. More specifically, I paired a crop with a checked skirt, gladiators and a clutch bag. I added an arm cuff and my sunnies and I enjoyed a day in the city. Looks like this, with few adjustments, can be wore from day to night, for the office, shopping, errands, meetings with friends or even a date. Hope you like it!



Hello my friend! When we have some time spare, we love to make tasty and healthy snacks, to maintain our energy. So, this time I prepared a beautiful meal, before I go to my lessons. I made omelet on top of avocado toast and I chose a lot of strawberries, my favourite fruit. To be honest, I couldn't help it, so I added some donuts... If you are interested, you can see above a recipe on how to prepare an avocado toast. Kisses!