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Hello guys! Summer has almost come to it's end... Meanwhile I've just returned home from my summer vacation. For the returned journey i wanted something comfortable so i choose a grey, cotton, knee-cut dress combined with a denim


White Orchid

Hello guys!As you can see i decide to make a change in my hair colour! I dyed it a little bit darker. I'm finding it a bit hard to get used to it however i really think that a little change can refresh my style! Today i chose a total white outfit; as you already know it is one of my favorite


In Fast Pace

Hello there! Even though we are not the biggest fans of fast food, we have to admit that in this restaurant the traditional fast food, aka burger, french fries, Cesar Salad and club sandwich was formidable. The food


Sweet Dreams

Hello everyone! Yesterday i was invited to my friend's Magda baby shower! She is expecting a baby girl so we had to wear pink.I decided to wear a lovely little pink dress combined with brown details. I couldn't forgot my metallic tattoo which matches perfect with sun-kissed skin.


Summer never ends...

Hello everyone! It has been a while! How you're doing? In Athens it was really really hot so I decided to visit the beautiful beach of Saint Andreas for some days with my lovely sister and some friends. The first day we discovered a beach bar which  i totally loved! So here i am heading



Hey everyone! For today, I choose a modern feminin look,but with a retro twist. I think that we can find numerous inspirations from the past, the attitude, the values, the architecture and the art of people who lived in a different age. So here, I paired black slit coordinates, crop and


Room with view

Hello my friends! This week with this hot weather fruit were essential on the table. So I prepared a plate with grapes, peaches and bananas and I made an omelet with special ingredients! As you can


Pinspiration {Cyclades}

                                       Hello everyone! This post is about our latest obsession, apart from Instagram of course, Pinterest. In there we can find inspiration and information about pretty much everything, from outfits and style, to travel destinations, fitness and food. It 's so much fun. Also, it's an easy way


Look of the Week #27 {Extraordinary}


Hello there! Today we chose pieces more outstanding and luxurious perfect for a special event, a romantic date or a formal meeting. So, the three essential colors of this look are black, red and white.