Sweet Dreams...

This beautiful sunny day, I decided to create a sweet summer look, combining a cute lace top, my sweet Zara skirt and my favourite black accessories. Of course, I had to add some pearls! Well, what do you think about cute summer outfits?


Blush n' Black

Hi everyone! In this outfit I wanted to combine two of my favourite shades: powder pink and black. I think these colours complement each other, since blush offers sweetness to the look, while black gives the necessary class to the outfit. What about you, which colours do you love to compine in your outfits?


Let the Sunshine in your Heart

Hi everyone! Today, I decided to wear a chic and comfy white outfit to celebrate the beautiful sunny days of summer! I completed the look with grey and faded blue details and my favourite sandals. I think that white is the most suitable colour for the hot summer weather. And you, what do you like to wear in hot sunny days?


Clear Skies, Clear Lines


Hi everyone! Words can't describe our joy for this photoshoot! In a perfect stractured scenery, wearing total white and high heels, talented Olga Sunrise captured amazing pics for this post. That's one of the few moments you see the team,Eliza and Eva, on the same post! For summer, we believe there's nothing better than tanned skin, white dresses, gold accessories and natural make up. Summer is here at last!


Crystallized Blue...

Crystal waters, clear skies and iced beauty. Baby blue empraces for us all these wonderful feelings and images. This is why we decided to show you a dreamy baby blue wish list, that contains accessories, clothes and stunning jewelry! Hope you get inspired from our choices!


Style Inspiration: Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a famous singer and the last years a noted fashion designer. Her style could be described as structured and usually monochromatic, yet she manages to stand out with her confident simplicity. If you like her style, the following tips will help you create a simple yet stunning look!


Sport and Chic

Hello there! How do you spend your summer weekends? Well, I love going to the beach or escape to the nearest park. So, I decided to show you a sporty, casual look, always with a chic touch. Hope you like it!


A Walk to Remember

Hello again! Today I decided to show you an elegant and chic outfit, appropriate for day and night meetings. For this look, I chose simple and flawless textures paired with bold accessories. The last days Eliza and I took advantage of the sunny weather and created beautiful pictures. Wait for more wonderful things to come in this blog!


Hot Summer Trend: Jumpsuits!

Do you like jumpsuits? I believe that jumpsuits are the best option for lazy summer days, since they are so easy to pair and they manage to create an effortessly chic outfit, day and night. The best part? There are so many different patterns and shapes, for every taste!

  • For special occasions, you can choose pieces like the above, with vibrant colors and fine materials(like silk, chiffon). For more glamorous outfits you can add sparckly accessories.