Super late breakfast

Hello guy! Some friends and I had a cozy morning today. So we prepared our favorite breakfast! I never get tired of colorful smoothies!  We also have sandwiches with avocado, eggs ,cream cheese and of course a lot of fruits and juices.


New Year's Mood

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all the best and I hope that you enjoyed the holidays! For New Year's eve I chose to wear something more special. Total black with silver details seemed to be a perfect decision.


Winter Wishlist!

Hello everyone! Winter's cold days are here so we all need to get warm but at the same time chic clothes.  This is why I made this wishlist to show you my preferences from Banggood.


Prom Dresses 2016 Collection

Hello girls! Without a doubt prom is a very special occasion for every girl. It's a night that all of us will remember for our entire life, so we want to be shiny and beautiful. Although we spend many hours preparing our hair and makeup, I really think that the most important, and difficult as well thing is the choice of the dress. If you choose a dress that really suits you then nothing else really matters. However finding the right dress it's considered to be a hard task... NOT anymore!


Like Marilyn...

Hello everyone! I'm so excited with my new cooperation! For today's photoshoot I choose a classy outfit to achieve a formal, but at the same time simple look for special occasions. So, I wore my new white crop top and midi skirt from Female Collection!


La vie est belle...

Hello guys! Today was such a sunny day even though it's December! My friends and I decided to take a walk in our neighborhood and admired the beautiful view of our city. So I thought that a casual yet girly look matched perfect for this occasion. Of course a winter detail couldn't be missed!


Winter is here!


First days of winter are here and I just can't wait for Christmas to come! I really love this time of the year with all  decorations on the streets, the snow and  the celebrating atmosphere!