Christmas Feeling

Hi everyone! This post is about Christmas and how we can create a warm holiday atmoshere in our home! So, we gathered pretty images, ideas and crafts, which can transform our place to a hospitable, friendly corner. 

Of course, there 's no Christmas, without a Christmas Tree! You can choose between a tall giant tree, or someting alternative or even numerous tiny decorative trees. Colors may vary as well, from red, to gol, green or silver.

Another easy and economic way to decorate our house is to light some candles. They offer warmth, sweet light and beautiful scent. A clever craft is to place little candles in jars or glasses, sometimes colored. 

Suprisingly, pinecones are able to elevate any house and to offer a rustic holiday twist. Place them in jars or bottles, or craft decorations with them for the Christmas Tree. A nice idea would be to paintt them in metal hues, like silver & gold.

You can always create your own empellishments, apart fron the tree, using leaves, lights, ribbons, decorations!

There's nothing better in winter, than a fireplace, offerring warmth and cozyness to a home. It's nice to sit around the fireplace or bake treats in there!

What if where you live there's no snow? Use fake! You can fill jars with it, or sprinkle it on your tree.

Last but not least, use your personal style to decorate you house. You can find inspiration in nature, life, traditions, religion (and pinterest). Whatever works for everyone!

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                                                                  Love, Eliza & Eva

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  1. Wonderful inspirations! Now I'm really in Christmas mood :)