Hot Summer Trend: Jumpsuits!

Do you like jumpsuits? I believe that jumpsuits are the best option for lazy summer days, since they are so easy to pair and they manage to create an effortessly chic outfit, day and night. The best part? There are so many different patterns and shapes, for every taste!

  • For special occasions, you can choose pieces like the above, with vibrant colors and fine materials(like silk, chiffon). For more glamorous outfits you can add sparckly accessories.

  • For afternoon meetings you can wear printed jumpsuits to elevate your look.


  • If you love monochromes and simplicity, then a black jumpsuit, paired with bold accessories, is the best choice!

  • For romantic types, I think that floral patterns are able to create a cute and sweet style.

  • Denim is always a good idea! Denim jumpsuits are perfect for adorable casual outfits!

Apart from the above is good to know that skinny jumpsuits complement the slim body types, while short jumpsuits can make women look taller. Also, when you add a belt in the waist, you can draw the attention to your curves. Hope this article was helpful!

                                                                                  Eliza & Eva


  1. love the jumpsuit! it is sch a great and stylish solution!


  2. Awesome inspirations! You picked the best jumpsuits. I would totally wear all of them :)

    xx Mira