Pinspiration {Cyclades}

                                       Hello everyone! This post is about our latest obsession, apart from Instagram of course, Pinterest. In there we can find inspiration and information about pretty much everything, from outfits and style, to travel destinations, fitness and food. It 's so much fun. Also, it's an easy way
to spread our style view and our fashion idea...Here, it's a post about a beautiful summer destination, Cyclades, the pretty little white islands in the middle of the Aegean. These pictures combine the blue waters, the clear sky, the white architecture and of course, style. Hope you like it!
Love, Eva & Eliza

Vogue, December 1995

Oia, Santorini

Rhodes Island. Photo by: Alexander Hadj

                                                        Koufonisia, Cyclades, Greece

                                                      Mystique Hotel, Santorini, Greece

                                    Mango, summer 2015

A Mykonos house inspired by classic Cycladic design

                                   Zakynthos Island

                               Crete Island

                       Vogue Paris

Sarakiniko, Milos island

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  1. Fantastic pictures!!! I really need holidays...

  2. It's really an inspirational post and my goodness, every place in Greece is beautiful... how can a country be so amazing!

  3. lovely
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