InstaInspiration {Summer 2015}

Hello everyone! Lately on Instagram, all you will find is about islands, sea, lace, gold chunky jewelry and happiness, in one word: summer. In this post we selected the most beautiful images from our
instagram page, from beaches and destinations, to outfits and accessories details. Hope you enjoy!

        Love, Eva & Eliza

Why not B & W for summer?

elegant outfits in an elegant background

kimono: Choies / heels: Zara

crop top: Nelly / checked skirt: Missguided / furry cardigan: H&M

lace top: Zara / backpack: New Look / red heels: Zara / sunnies: Vintage

Ultra Romantic white dresses...

Few of the things we love lately, red fruits, salads, chocolate and sushi

skirt,heels: Zara 

Summer in red hues ( top&skirt: Missguided)

All the colors in our plates!

bag: Florencemoon /dress: Zara

Pink and Black for celebrating the blooms

sunnies: Asos / bag:H&M / heels: Zara

skirt: Zara / jumpsuit: Missguided

Bright colors in food and outfits for an amazing summer!

For more images check our instagram page here


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Incredible photography, can't believe summer is already here, your post got me extra excited! :D xxxxxx


  2. Anonymous6/25/2015

    I love your Insta posts :-* www.thepinkheartgirl.blogspot.de

  3. great inspiration!

  4. very good post ! )
    You want to follow each other ? let me know and I 'll take you )