Winter Charm with Modani

Hi everyone! Inspired from the gloomy cold winter, we combined beautiful pieces in grey and black to create a stylish living room decor. Its all in the details of course, like the beautiful retro mirror and the dark flowers. You can find more in Modani, a store with beautiful and edgy pieces for your home!

                                                                                                   Love, Eliza&Eva


First of all, a nice comfy sofa in neutral colours is perfect in every case. You can find many different styles and textures here! Along with the sofa a well fabricated rug or curtains are essential parts of a living home. Then again, just like an outfit needs an accessory or a jewelry, equally a warm and modern home needs the right accessories. An interesting retro mirror, with a venetian ''scent'' or a baroque luxury armchair can add the charm and sparkle in every home. The options presented by Modani are interesting and seductive. 
sofa, mirror, rug, chair: Modani
flowers: Amara

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