Decor Inspiration: Bedroom of my Dreams

Hi everyone! Today our post is a bit different! We still talk about fashion, but this time for interior decoration and more accurately, bedroom decoration. For those like me, who love to sleep more than ordinary people, this post will be  really helpful and enjoyable.

  • One of the basic pieces in a bedroom are the curtains. When bedroom curtains are in pale or earth tones, they are able to transform a simple room into a little palace. The pictures above, show some really beautiful bed curtains.

(you can find these pretty sheer white curtains here, here and here)

(click here, here, here and here)

  • The ideal blankets or sheets can either have elegant neutral shades or bold prints. The most important thing is to choose comfortable and cozy pieces.

(check here and here)

  • Of course, details do matter and can give the extra thing your bedroom needs. You can choose between chandeliers, pillows and paintings.

I personally prefer natural and earth tones for my bedroom, with few statement pieces. Of course everyone can make a dreamy bedroom according to his own taste and preferences. All these pretty products in this post come from a modern and classy online store we recently found, called beddinginn.com

Hope you found this post fun!

Eva & Eliza