Plaid Morning

Hi everyone! These moments before the arrival of the New Year I think we all just love to stay warm near the fireplace or get closer with the people we love the most. So we delayed a little our new post... For the outfit now, I chose an interesting plaid cardigan and i added gloves and my beloved knit beanie! This look plays more with different textures, like leather, knit, suede, and less with colors (only B&W). Hope you like it!


A Big Thank You!

Hi everyone! These pics show the celebration we hosted for completing our first steps in our fashion dream! So, thank you for 3.213 followers on Facebook, 1.000 on Instagram and 1.017 in Chicissimo! We couldn't be more happy, glad and grateful and we wish you were there with us too!


#CosmopolitanChic Glam in Las Vegas!

Hi everyone! Today we have a special post for all of you who wonder what to wear in different occassions during a day. So, with help from Cosmopolitan, in Las Vegas, we tried to show you some ideas! these outfits work for christmas celebrations as well! 

So, for a quick casual brunch, you can invest in comfy garments and some cool accessories. The Wicked Spoon in Cosmopolitan offers a calm beautiful place to talk and relax with friends or family. For easy mornings, we picked a long cardigan, statement earrings and boyfriend ripped jeans.



Hi everyone! Today I think I made the perfect look for casual cold days, as well as for winter activities, like skiing and hiking. This pretty chaki parka offers style and comfort in the same time. It's really a practical and versatile piece to wear. Here, I combined it with Ray-Bans, black jumper and leather leggings and an oversized bag. Hope you like it!


Look of the Week #5 (Red Wine)

look of the week#6

Burgundy: One Color-One Story! This seductive dark shade of red is perfect for the cold days of autumn and winter, since it adds the right amount of feminity and warmth in a layered ''heavy'' outfit. That color is great with black and white garments and some metallic details. Hope we insired you!


Christmas Wishlist

Hello there! Christmas is probably the most wonderful time of the year! So, we picked for you the treasures we love the most and created not one, not two, but three collections of goodies! Each wishlist, is about a different side of Christmas: the Celebration, The Family, The Love. 
                  Hope you enjoy!                                  


Gloomy Gray Day

Hello! For today I prepared a cozy winter look, in shades of gray. I paired a gray swaeter with leather leggings and knee high boots and I added a gray coat. I wanted to keep it casual, so I chose a laconic black clutch and no jewelry at all. These frosty days are perfect for soft oversized swaeters and boots. Hope you like my idea!


Christmas Feeling

Hi everyone! This post is about Christmas and how we can create a warm holiday atmoshere in our home! So, we gathered pretty images, ideas and crafts, which can transform our place to a hospitable, friendly corner. 


Loose & Luxurious

Hi! How are you today? This time I chose a casual but feminin look, with different fabrics and textures. I adore this type of swaeters, so I decided to leave everything else simple. I added leather pants, chelsea boots and a neautral oversized bag. I think this look is so comfortable for errands and everyday chores. Kisses!


All about Details

Hi everyone! In this post I present you my new purchases! A bold colourblock bag and burgundy pumps. To make them stand out I chose classic warm garments, in black and white. Lips in the same tones of course! Hope you like it.


Look of the Week #4 {blush & powder}

look of the week #8

The shades of light pink, beige, ivory are so smooth, soft and sweet, perfect for a romantic evening or a nice walk. So, today we gathered the pieces we adored in these colours and we decided to create a total blush look. Would you wear it?


Heights & Layers

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to experiment with various textures, cuts and structures. So I paired a cozy cardigan, over the knee boots and a chic black hat. I didn't add any accessories or jewellery, just to keep it simple. Hope you like it!


Knit Luxury

Hey there! How was your week? Today I'm very happy to show you one of my favourite trends this year: oversized knitted pieces, like a plaid scarf and a warm swaeter. I added some gold details and of course a leather touch.The red lips and wavy hair finished the look! Hope you like my idea of luxury!


Look of the Week #3 {Cozy Cardigan}

Look of the Week #4

Hi everyone! This week we decided to create a cozy, feminin yet comfortable look, in grey shades.
So, the key piece here is the wool cardigan with the tribal pattern. You can pair it with a sweet mini skirt and a simple top. A MK bag is always a must and for make up, you can play with warm tones. Hope we helped!


Look of the Week #2 { Cozy&Simple }

Look of the week #3

Hi everyone! For thic cold week we created a chic and comfy outfit, with leather pieces, knit and leopard details. Hats and oversized swaeters are a must for this season and a chic leopard clutch is always welcome! Hope you like it!


Insta Inspiration #4 {Autumn Shades}

         perfume: Manifique LANCOME / dress: BSB


Crystal Clear

Hi everyone! Let's start the week with an elegant classy look! I chose a crisp white blazer, skinny leather pants, pumps and a cute blue crossbody bag. Of course, the statement piece in this outfit is the bold chunky necklace with the little crystals. Have a wonderful week everyone!


Look of the Week #1 {Black&White}

Today's Look

Hi everyone! From now on, we are about to show you every week a look we adore. So this time, is about B&W Elegance! Play with different textures ,like knit and leather and choose bold and unusual designs. You can always add few metallic details, like a watch or chunky jewelry. Hope we inspired you!


Beaucoup d' Amour

Hi everyone! How are you today? This gloomy autumn day I decided to create an urban chic look, combining a simple top, the classic black blazer and plum leather pants. I added few nude details and I chose dark lips for a change. Hope you like it!


Trenching Around

Hello! Luxury was on top this week, so for Friday I chose a calm chic look, with the classic beige trenchcoat. In this soothing natural environment nothing could be better than  loose boyfriend jeans, a simple top and the classic black bag. Of course I elevated the look with black gladiators. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Power Green

Hi everyone! How 's your week so far? Sometimes, with the multiple tasks we have to complete, I literally feel like  a warrior. So today its all about sporty boyish style. I paired a chaki shirt with black leather pants and a clutch with trooks. Of course I added a chic touch, these gorgeous leopard gladiators. Hope you like it!


The Aviator

Hi everyone! Today I experimented with different textures and colours, to create a sweet yet powerful look. So, I combined  sporty leather pants with a preppy pastel blue shirt and girlie pumps. I finished the outfit with aviator sunnies and a nude clutch. Sometimes the unexpected combinations can lead to a fresh modern look! Hope you agree with me!


Thinking of You

Hello everyone! After a long break,(sorry for the late post...)we are here again and we are eager to show you new looks, new perspectives and few awesome surprises! So, for this particular post, I wanted to express the romance and the love, feelings that we all experience in our life. I chose black crop and skater skirt and gold accessories. Of course, this cute faux fur from Choies and these gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti high heels make the difference. Hope you like the look, as much as I do!


Out with my love

Hi everyone! Today I made a post with my lovely puppy, Atlas. For a simple walk in the park, I chose burgundy, black vest&scort and flat ankle boots. I finished with sunnies. I love nature this time of year and theres nothing better than long walks in nature with my beloved ones. Have a nice weekend everyone!


Red Treasures

Hello! What do you think of bold winter colours? This fall and winter deep red will be an essential. So, we gathered the most stunning pieces in red, burgundy and black shades and we added printed items as well. We made sure to collect both luxurious and affordable pieces, from tops and shoes, to perfumes and delicate jewelry. Hope you enjoy!


Feminin Suit

Hello! How are you today? For this post I paired a black belted blazer, pencil sheer skirt and black bag. Of course these leopard heels are the highlight of the look! They add a sophisticated tone to this total black outfit and make it more interesting. I believe this outfit shows that any woman can be feminin and strong willed in the same time. What do you think?


Nude & Camo

Hello! Do you like camo or army inspired outfits? I decided to make a different look today, not so feminin, for a change. I paired a chaki blazer with a white top and nude pants and I added black stilleto pumps, for a more sophisticated touch.


Scarlet Red

Happy Monday everyone! Let's start the week with a bright bold fall post! Today I decided to wear a bodycon red dress with I paired with quiet nude and gold tones. I think in these pale ivory background, intense colours really stand out. Hope you like it!


Black & White Inspiration with CrosstheLineX

Hi everyone! Today we 're really glad to introduce you to a new luxury fashion platform: www.crossthelinex.com
This platform gathers talented Asian designers, mostly from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Having seen their designs, we would call them chic and refined, yet edgy and modern. Bellow, we made a collection from our favourite pieces, that truly embrace the spirit of Pearls & Roses: feminin pieces with an elegant and chic touch. 


Decor Inspiration: Bedroom of my Dreams

Hi everyone! Today our post is a bit different! We still talk about fashion, but this time for interior decoration and more accurately, bedroom decoration. For those like me, who love to sleep more than ordinary people, this post will be  really helpful and enjoyable.


A Skort Story

Hi everyone! Today I made an outfit with one of my favourite pieces ever: the black skort. I paired it with a white shirt and a blazer, my Mango heels and a black straw hat. I think that a skort can elevate any simple everyday outfit, since it offers elegance and class. Hope you like it as well!


Clean Cut

Hi everyone! Let's kick off the week with a clean marine look! Today I paired a white cropped shirt with a high waisted shorts and classic black heels. I chose a sleek hair look and I added a pale blue bag. I wanted to keep the look simple, so I didn't add any accessories or jewelry. Hope you like it!


Fall // Winter 2014-15 Essentials


Happy Sunday everyone! How did you spend your weekend? Today, we decided to show you the most complete shopping list, with everything you are about to need this winter. We collected shoes (mules are a must this season) , accessories (metallic jewellery, leather goodies) and of course apparel- stunning evening dresses, leather bodies, fur and cozy sweaters. We tried to combine the basic and most essential trends of the season, like mules, fur and hats, along with some more extravagant pieces, like leather bodies, lace tops and checkers. Hope you like our selection!



Hello! For this post I chose my favourite color-combo: black/ white/red. I think that these three shades can create a complete, chic outfit. I paired black crop top, white blazer, red clutch and my new obsession, this edgy check shorts! Of course I couldn't be ready without these gorgeous gladiator heels from Choies. Hope you like my classic//edgy style!


Defining Elegance

Hello! How are you today? This time, I chose a white sleek look, with a white jumpsuit and nude details. I think this background, white stones and columns, empasizes the elegance and class of todays' outfit. I think black, white and their combination are able to make any outfit chic in an instant. What about you, which is your definition of elegance?


Cinderella Prom Inspiration

Hi everyone! I think that most of us, as little girls ,we were inspired by cinderella and her beautiful transformation... So, growing up, we are eager to attend events, proms and balls, wearing breathtaking gowns and waiting for true love to come! So today's inpiration is about the ideal outfits for a prom or another special event! 


Waves and Fringes

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since our last post, but we were working on so many different things...we are so eager to show you! This time, I chose a beautiful coast as the backround for this boho yet chic outfit. I paired a fringed kimono and these gorgeous gladiators from Choies and I added a hint of white in this dark outfit...Of course sunnies are always a must. Hope you like it!


Chasing the Τop

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I felt so privileged, watching the breathtaking view in Athens and wearing this amazing white-navy embroidered dress.The dress is impressive by itself, so
I added few quiet accessories in paled hues.Red lips are a must, of course!


Olive Garden

Hi everyone! In this special wishlist, we show you one of the hottest trends for fall: olive green. It's probably the most sophisticated and charming shade of green and is perfect for cozy autumn outfits! In this post you're about to find everything you love in this flattering hue, from dresses and coats, to beauty and skincare goodies. Hope you like these pieces as much as we do! Have a nice weekend!!



Hello! Today I tried a more polished and refined look than usual. I paired mint and black and I think its a nice combination! I believe that these dark sunglasses and the blazer give a formal and professional tone to the look.Hope you like it!


All of the Brights!

Hi everyone! I know its been a long time since our lastpost,but its summer...How you've been lately?Well,today I wanted to share with you a carefree and relaxing outfit , with vivid bold colours! I love electric blue and fushcia,so I tried to compine them in a single outfit. I added a cute bracelet I found in Choies and I let my hair down. Hope you like it!


Hot summer trend: Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are perfect for lazy summer days and nights. We can also wear them during the first days of autumn with a jacket and few other accessories. What makes them so desirable is the comfort and the elegance these dresses offer the same time. So, today we show you all different styles of long dresses, for all bodytypes and every occasion!

  • First of all, casual dresses, for hot summer days. They are so comfortable and so easy to style. Try classic colours, like nude, black and white.


La Vie en Rose

Hello! Honestly, I think that in this blog, flowers and florals can never be enough! So, today I wanted to show you an outfit,totally inspired from pink roses. I mixed black and pink and I added few neutral accessories. Sometimes, it's nice to believe that we live a life so beautiful as a rose.Have a nice weekend everyone!


Walking on Sunshine...

Hi everyone! As I was prepairing today for the post there was only one thing on my mind: ''I'm walking on sunshine...lalala'' I hope you remember the song...I was so much inspired from the beautiful sunny street, the wind in the hair and this outfit ( love my new leather skirt and these heels by the way...) Regarding this simple look,sometimes I think simplicity is the key to true style!



Happy Monday everyone! For todays' post I played with the light blush hue, silver accessories and snakeskin details. I believe that light pink shows the aetherial and romantic side of the woman, while metallic details offer style and elegance to any outfit. Also, the snakeskin belt gives the necessary edge to the style. Well, hope you like it!


L' Amor che muove il Sole e l'altre Stelle

Hello! As you can see from the title, in this post I thought I was playing in a an old Italian movie... Even though the backround is a Greek classic monument, the blue lace dress, the heels, even my glasses reminded me of Italy. For the story, the words have a special meaning which I adore:''The Love that moves the Sun and the other Stars''. Ciao!


Under the Palm Trees

Hi everyone! I'm very happy for todays' post, since both the outfit and the background reflect a tropical paradise. I'm standing under the palm trees wearing a cute floral corset and a light blue skater skirt. I added pale blue and nude accessories and I finished the look with blue shades. Have a nice week everyone!